Commemorative prints in honour of Václav Havel

The first commemorative print in honour of Václav Havel was a commemorative banknote in an issue of 5 000 pieces, which sold out within two days. That is why we prepared further collector's products together with Státní tiskárna cenin.

The first one is a commemorative print in the form of a stamp sheet with four stamps with realised and three unrealised portraits of Václav Havel. The next product is a graphic sheet with a steel print of the portrait printed using a special printing technique in an edition of 400 pieces. The third commemorative print is an A3 poster with a line drawing of the portrait in an edition of 350 copies.

Both the graphic sheet and the poster are hand numbered and signed by the authors - Eva Hašková and engraver Martin Srb.

Commemorative Banknote
Havel bankovka

„Banknote" in honour of Václav Havel

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of President Václav Havel (1936-2011), ČESKÉ DUKÁTY decided to celebrate his legacy with a commemorative print in the form of a banknote. The aim was to appeal not only to collectors, but to the general public who resonate with the message of our president.

The commemorative banknote dedicated to Václav Havel opened a new collector's series In Memory of Important Czech Personalities. This year, we will issue a commemorative banknote in honour of Antonín Švehla (100 years since the appointment of the All-National Coalition government), in 2023 a commemorative St. Wenceslas banknote (100 years since the first St. Wenceslas ducats were issued) and in 2024 we will commemorate Franz Kafka (100 years since his death).

About commemorative banknote
Five separate numbered series

In cooperation with the State Printing House of Valuables, we approached the leading creators of Czech banknotes: the academic painter Eva Hašková and engraver Martin Srb. The result is a 194x84 mm banknote with a portrait of Václav Havel, which is also decorated with unusual views of Prague Castle: the south wing with the presidential balcony on the obverse and the Matthias Gate with the sculpture of the Titans on the reverse.

The commemorative banknote was offered in five numbered series A-E of 500 pieces each and in a special limited series H for an exclusive set with the medal. The unsold V series for representative purposes was printed in 300 pieces.

The selling price of a commemorative banknote from one of the series A,B,C,D,E (issue of 500 pieces in each series) in a beautiful package was 2 990 CZK.

Technical information
Havel bankovka
Limited set
Exclusive set of commemorative banknote and medal

A limited edition of 300 commemorative banknotes was accompanied by three unique medals based on a 1995 design by Jiří Harcuba. The issue of these 65 mm diameter medals was 300 pieces, all numbered on the edge. Of these, 10 were gold, 120 silver and 170 copper. The medals were struck at our long term partner the Czech Mint.

The selling price of the Au-imprinted H series commemorative medal and the gold commemorative medal (issue of 10) is available on request

The selling price of the H series Ag-imprinted mintmark and silver commemorative medal (issue of 120 pieces) was 19 900 CZK

The selling price of the H series Cu-imprinted commemorative medal (170 pieces) was 14 900 CZK

Technical information for the medals
Havel mince
About the project
Our motivation
Vaclav Havel

The project was created to honour the memory and legacy of the writer, thinker and first president of the independent Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel. It is intended not only for collectors, who will appreciate the limited edition accompanied by a medal, but also for the general public. All those who hold Václav Havel in high esteem and sympathise with the values he represented.

Part of the proceeds of the project was donated to the Vize 97 Foundation, which Václav Havel founded.


Authors of memoir

Eva Hašková

The creator of the design, the painter Eva Hašková, is a graphic artist and illustrator, winner of many awards - like the Most Beautiful Book poll or the Czech Exlibris Triennial. She has had more than eighty solo exhibitions at home and abroad. She is a member of the Association of Czech Graphic Artists Hollar.

Eva Hašková

Martin Srb

Engraver Martin Srb works as an engraver-designer in the creation of banknote graphics at the State printing works of securities. He also works with the Czech Post, for which he has created over 150 postage stamps. His work has been presented at many exhibitions and the stamps he has been involved in have won numerous awards on the domestic and international scene.


Jiří Harcuba

Czech artist, phenomenal glass engraver and medallist Jiří Harcuba is the author of the design for the commemorative medal with the portrait of Václav Havel. The medal is based on Harcubas portrait of Václav Havel cut into glass in 1995.

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