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Since 2016, České dukáty have been engaged in unique projects for collectors - issuing medals and commemorative prints. The founder of České dukáty is Vladimír Olmr, the owner of the development and production company SOPO.

The first commemorative print was dedicated to Václav Havel. It was issued in November 2021 on the 10th anniversary of his death and was completely sold out within a few days. In February, we issued a commemorative banknote to Jaromír Jágr's 50th birthday. After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, we decided to help with the charity commemorative banknote Glory to Ukraine, 100% of its purchase price is donated to the collection of the Memory of the Nation. You can support Ukraine by buying a commemorative banknote on the website 2022ukrajina.cz.

In memory of Czech kings and queens

In the collector's series In Memory of Czech Kings and Queens is set from 2016 until 2035. In this period we commemorate the legacy of important rulers - we mint medals according to the years of their important anniversaries. The first monarch to be minted as part of the series was Charles IV on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of his birth.

The gold ducat and silver medals draw on the legacy and tradition of the Czechoslovak St. Wenceslas ducats from the First Republic. All medals are issued in very small and numbered editions.

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Extraordinary coins

We also issue extraordinary thematic collector coins dedicated to personalities we admire and respect. In 2019 we issued a symbolic 89 pcs of the Václav Havel ducat for the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, in 2020 a 70 pcs ducat of Milada Horáková and in 2021 a 110 pcs ducat dedicated to St Ludmila. All the coins were quickly sold out.

Chronicle of the First Republic

The Chronicle of the First Republic is a project that is unparalleled in our history - both in its focus, uniqueness and quality, and in its duration. It will last for 21 years, because our First Republic lasted for almost 21 years. It is a unique set which includes a set of ducat medals by top Czech medallists and a book written by renowned authors - Pavel Kosatik and leading CNB expert Jaroslav Moravec. The project began in 2018, when we published the first Chronicle of the First Republic, dedicated to 1918, to mark the centenary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic.

A set of four commemorative medals and a book in gold or silver is not only a unique collector's opportunity, but also a worthy tribute to the glorious period of the formation of the modern Czechoslovak state.

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