In memory of Vaclav Havel

Graphic sheet with steel-printed portrait

Dimension: 180 x 255 mm
Numbering: Yes
Signature: Yes
Author of the design: ak. mal. Eva Hašková
Printing: Státní tiskárna cenin, s.p.
Publisher: České dukáty, s.r.o.
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A graphic sheet with motifs from the memorial sheet, which is printed using the intaglio printing technique. It is a portrait of Václav Havel and the lion from the souvenir sheet, which includes a hidden picture of the initials VH.

The etching of the portrait was created by engraver Martin Srb, the hidden image was created by graphic designer Michal Šindelář.

The graphic sheet is hand-numbered and signed by the author of the drawing ac. mal. Eva Hašková a engraver Martin Srb.

Gravure printing is a printing technique working on the principle of printing from depth. The printing form is embossed and the printing elements are recessed below the level of the printing plate - it is therefore the opposite of printing from above (letterpress). The printing areas are filled with very dense printing ink and under high pressure and temperature during printing the ink is transferred to the printed material, usually paper. Intaglio printing, also known as line intaglio printing, is used to reproduce engravings and print elements composed of fine lines. Due to the high level of print ink detectable by touch, it is one of the most important security features in securing valuables.

You will receive the graphic sheet in beautiful dark blue plates.
Grafický list s ocelotiskem portrétu

Grafický list s ocelotiskem portrétu