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New commemorative prints in honour of Václav Havel

New commemorative prints in honour of Václav Havel

After the great success of the sold-out commemorative book, ČESKÉ DUKÁTY is issuing another commemorative print to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of President Václav Havel.

The prints are based on a commemorative book prepared by the leading creators of Czech banknotes - academic painter Eva Hašková and engraver Martin Srb. They were printed in top quality by the STÁTNÍ TISKÁRNA CENIN.

The first product is a Commemorative print in the form of a stamp sheet in an issue of 5,000 pieces.

The second product is a Graphic sheet with a steel-printed portrait of Václav Havel in an edition of 400 pieces.

And the last new product is the A3 Poster with line drawing of the portrait  in the number of 350 pcs.

You can find the possibility of ordering and other essential information directly in the e-shop

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